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This is a ASPX file for program on your server, to edit the sub-menu and the text download sample under the Samples tab. This will download the menu not this note, the program was created with Microsoft Expression Web. You can edit with Free JavaScript Editor, but you view it better in the Microsoft Expression Web. This is because you can click on the menu and edit it, some of the setting are in the program.

 The program also has a "View in Browser" button, it's also easer to work with. To download the menu.aspx in a zip file click on the free download under the downloads menu idem, then click on the download 1 under the free download. To download Microsoft Expression Web(FrontPage 2007), click on the shareware download 1 under the shareware download in the download menu idem. To download the sample menu zip file click on the download sample under the samples tab.

 Do this when you view the sample, for example if you like this menu scroll under the samples tab and click on the menu sample button. This will take you to the sample menu, click on the sample tab and scroll down to the download sample and click on it. This will download the zip file to your download file, unzip the file to your server account. This page is about the menu on the top! You can edit it with whatever you wish, it's free to edit and use. If your using the Microsoft Expression Web program, click on the arrow on the right side of the menu when you click on it.

 For the Tag Properties double click on the menu, the tags will be in bold that where used to create the menu. If you run the menu with the preview button the menu will be in the center, if you wont the menu there just leave it where it is. To move it to the right or left don't use the tags at the top of the program, it will arrange the text wrong.  To move it you need to move the column in the table, if you just put it on the page it will be on the left side. To center it you need to add <center></center> in the body of the code, to change the layout of the menu to vertical, go to the layout in the tag properties and change the orientation to vertical.

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