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Computer Repair Steps: 1. Reboot ypur system. 2. Run system restore and reboot your system. If doesn't work go to 3. 3. Run check disk if you have WINDOWS XP. If Window 7 and up go to 4 4. Reboot system and go to F8, then run FIX MY COMPUTER.
Windows 7 Repair Steps: 1. Reboot your system. 2. Run system restore and reboot your system. If doesn't work go to 3. 3. Run check disk. 4. Run disk defragment. 5. If 3 and 4 doesn't work go to 6. 6. Run your system reinstall and install a system restore.
Windows 8 Repair Steps: 1. Reboot system. 2. Run check disk and disk defragment. 3. Run fix my computer.
Rogers How to book on Simple Computer Repair & Website Design.  You can find more information in my how to book, I created this book to make it easer for you to fix your computer yourself. You can get this book for the low price $9.95 at THEBOOKPATH.COM, or you can click on the picture to take you to the link. You also can get the book on PDF, or EPUB format for the low price of $4.95. You also can order my book JOHN SMITH THE TEEN SPY at a low price of $14.95, this book is also on PDF and EPUB format.  This book also has information on simple website design, it will explain to you how a website is designed. It also has some small code examples you can tryout on your own, it's easy to read and understand. But if you need more information you can e-mail me at , or go to You can download the demo book at, I hope this helps you understand your computer more.      Click Here to download a printable free book, this book is free to download and print out. The book will view on your web browser, all you need to do is press print. The print out is best printable on adobe reader, click here to download adobe reader.
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