Q. My computer will not power up?

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Q. My computer will not power up?

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A. If your computers not powering up it could have something to do with the CPU.

Fix It. Try to unplug your system and plug it back in, if your computer still doesn't power up then the you need to install a new CPU or motherboard. But it will be cheaper to buy yourself a new system, you can get a good computer on the internet; on Ebay.com you can buy a good system. Follow these steps;

1. read the system fetchers, like the hardware you want.
2. use a Paypal account to buy the idem.
3. test the system for seven days before you send a feedback.
4. if the system has problems send it back before the 30 day mark.
5. don't be afraid to ask about the system.

Hope this helps you to get a awesome computer, you can get new systems on Ebay.com.
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