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Free Download Welcome to Rogers Software, at Rogers Software we take pride in our work. I would like to tell you about this website, we do website hosting and simple website design. We design simple websites for our customers that sign up for an account, our accounts are cheap on the budget.  We also have a website builder, the Site Studio program is user friendly and free for web host users. We also have domain transfer and sub-domains for your account. Rogers Software also has 24/7 support and a forum support website, you can get free support from other users.  
 Computer Repair list can be downloaded from, this also a example free website sub-domain. Other programs can be downloaded from this site, with other information. The site is a example for a website self-edit program you can download from The program uses a database program on your account, for more information on this click on support.
  Accounts starting at $9.95 a month, and domains starting at $15.00 a year. FTP upload, easy to use site builder, and easy to understand control panel with themes. Click Here for free website example, if you like to design the site yourself and need help go to HTTP:// or HTTP:// The Site Creator website has clip art you can download and programs for HTTP creator or FTP upload, ext.
Windows Update:  Updating your Windows program is easy! all you need is the right memory for the system and Graphics, if you have the right size for the updated Windows program you can install the new program with your DVD drive. Check the system requirements for the Windows program you wont to install, this can be found on the back or side of the box. To find the requirements, right click on my computer and click on  properties. This is for updating Windows XP versions. If you need help to update your system send e-mail to or call (906)-875- 8006 between the hours of 9am to 5pm on Monday thou Friday. You also can find help on the support forum, Click Here to enter support forum.
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